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Topic says...

Hi, Woodring, That's a very good initiative. I hope that our fellow Haitians understand the need to support Haitian Arts and Music. There is also a... more »

Robert says...

I am an American guy trying to learn Haitian Creole, and I'm looking for Haitian movies with English subtitles. The only one I've found is "I love... more »

Bernadette says...

Wish you the best of luck, Woodring. What you are doing is uplifting and needed. On the same note, Richard Senecal is doing a documentary on Haitian... more »

Jean says...

alelouya is a haitian movie with english caption, check it out on youtube. by the way, i am a haitian boy trying to speak english fluently. i m... more »

Schiller says...

I'd like to say Hi to my favorite actress Michelle Judith Jeudy(Mme Oloth) more »