My "Off-the-Internet" vacation took longer than I expected

Since 02 January, 2017, I decided to take a vacation without Internet access, a vacation unplugged so to speak, but it was only supposed to last a week or so. It is approaching one month. Time to get back to life as usual.

Haiti Technology
Haiti Technology

Isn't that funny? I grew up in a small town in Haiti where we barely had electricity and communication was a luxury. Nowadays, if you are not connected to the Internet for a few weeks, the world changes over night and you have to go back to school just to discover all the thing you missed?

SO... What did I miss?

President Donald Trump... LOL...

President Trump has been the talk of the town in Haiti lately... Our Haitian Champion... What a guy!!!

It's going to be take a few more days for me to plug myself back in to the information super highway but I wanted to take a few minutes to let you all know that I am still here, that I still exist.

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Ray says...

Yesterday I began wondering about your wellbeing.

Glad to have you

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Subject: My "Off-the-Internet" vacation took longer than I expected edit

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