Moving a Web Site is NOT Easy Task... Let me tell you...

I just finished moving the Haitian Internet Newsletter website to her new home at HostPapi web hosting and let me tell you... It was not that simple!

Over the course of 10 years, can you imagine the amount crap that get posted in a web site message board?

Thanks to my new Assistant, Christelle... Poor girl, she had to go through thousands of messages... one by one... I can't tell you how many times she come and ask me:


Yes... Delete it!

And while she is taking care of that, I had to go through all the articles I've written over the years and I have to say... Some of them are PRETTTTY... INN... TERR... RESSS.. TING...

I probably wouldn't write them today but I cant say that I regret it.

I know for sure that "Mwen grandi anpil " (I've grown quite a bit) and I cannot believe that I've been sharing my life with you for ten long years!

I am not done yet... I have to review each and everyone of them, and then, I have to categorize and tag them.

By the way... If you are thinking about creating a blog so you can share your thought with the rest of the world... Take my advice, use WordPress. Once you purchase your domain name and web hosting at, installing Wordpress is just point and click.

For me, that's just the beginning...

If moving and cleaning up this web site was difficult, imaging moving, updating, and cleaning up a monster like:

Just thinking about it gives me a headache!

But hell... I love my job!

Thanks you for reading my thought, good and bad, for the past ten years. If you just joined the Haitian Internet newsletter, now you can easily find all the past articles I've written over the years with ease... and by topic...

Let's go for ten more years... What do you say?

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Subject: Moving a Web Site is NOT Easy Task... Let me tell you... edit

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