Growing Old : At what age is a man considered an "OLD man"

Haitian men, let's talk about something... How OLD is OLD? At what age do you consider yourself an old man, a Grandpa? 40 years old? 50 years old? 60???

Lieutenant Galbeau Saint Preux and his Grandsons

While listening to radio program in Haiti, a man specified that you become an old man, a "viellard," a "grandèt" in Haitian creole, once you hit the age of 50.

A 50 year old former candidate for president who was a guest in the show said: "Dont you dare call a young man like ma a granmounn!"

I look at my father who is in his 80's, he certainly is an old man. what about me in my 40's how much time to I have before I have?

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Jean Gerard Rhau says...

There was a time back in the days where a 50 year old man was a granmoun, but not anymore.

I am 58 years old and i feel like I am 40 years old. I do not consider myself a granmoun.

I am mature that for sure but when I see my Dad who is heading towards 103 years old, yet he is still living at home in Montreal Canada, I can affirm that 50 years old man is still a young mature

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Robert says...

You may not consider yourself an old man but once you turn 40 you are over the hill.

Here is the definition from

over the hill means you are 40yrs old, therefore you have reached the climax of your life time and your beginning to go "over the hill."

Maybe the old man is the man who is way over the

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