Money is a Necessity but... Making Money is Just a Game!

There is a secret I want to share with you today.

If you are an optimist, I am sure you will agree with me


If you are a pessimist and you still believe in that "you have to sweat" mentality. You'll be screaming after you read this.

That secret is about making money...

It's not meant for everyone, if it doesn't make sense to you, forget I even mentioned it.

Here's the secret...

Making money is a game...
it's just a game....

And the people who win are the people chose to participate in that game.

If your only source of income is the paycheck you receive from your JOB, then... you're not playing

When you're playing the game of making money, when you turn it in to a hobby instead of a stressful duty, then you never really loose

  • Every time you try to make money, a hand has been dealt to you
  • Sometimes you win sometimes you loose
  • If you win that hand, you make money, you make a lot of money
  • If you loose that hand, you acquire knowledge and wisdom for the next hand, the next round
  • The more you loose, the more you win
  • The only real losers are those who choose not play
  • instead they chase money because to them, money is everything

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