Mirebalais Haiti - Eighty Dollars for One Gallon of Gasoline

Gasoline is like gold in Haiti these days. I arrived in Mirebalais Haiti last night with a car almost out of gas. I had to pay $20 U.S. for two gallons of gasoline.

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti

That's about 80 Haitian dollars (400 Gourdes) per gallon!!!


In Hinche, it's 60 Haitian dollars per gallon...

There is a huge shortage and everyone is cashing in... People go to the border towns and buy Dominican gas, then come back to Haiti and line up right at the gas pumps to sell their liquid gold for a huge profit.

I need to go to Porgt-au-Prince but at 60 bucks per Gallon... No way...

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Patrick Princivil says...

The gas is selling, the funny thing the gas stations can not even have it. My question today is when Haiti will be a country?

the police pretend say they don't want people sell gas on the street of Haiti, it looks like a game for the Haitian's people, before I criticized the Haitian's police, but I discover it's not their fault at this point: some of them complaint about the government of Haitians, they don't paid them sometimes for four months, what they will it. When they get pay they will give better services.

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Calixte Guerrier says...

From my standing point something is wrong.

I was in Haiti on August 2012, and gallon of gas was about $5.00 in US currency.

So, it should be the same price in Hinch, or in other Departments.

Any way, we are going to pray, so the gas price can go down.
Sign Calixte Guerrier
Former Haiti Presidential

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