Mia Love, First Haitian American elected to U.S. Congress

My fellow Haitians... We have another first... Ludmya Bourdeau "Mia" Love has just won the elections in Utah making her the first Haitian American and first black female Republican ever elected to Congress...

PHOTO: Mia Love - First Haitian-American in Congress

Let us all congratulate our first ever Haitian American Member of United States Congress, Mia Love, the first from either political party, the first black Republican woman in Congress...

WOW... I like the sound of that... Don't you?

What do you think about it?

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Eddy Jeantel says...

Dear Mia Love
In 2013 the supreme court of Dominican Republic revoked citizenship o thousands of haitians descent born in the country after 1929. in 1937 Dominican Republic tried to do the same thing, to cleanse it of haitians under the president of Rafael Thruillot after ordering a massacre that slaughtered more than 50.000 (thousands) .Last week the police forces and Dominican armies told them if they don't want to see an other 1937 they have to go in haiti.

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Bob Zee says...

Ummm, she may be of Haitian ancestry, but she ran and was elected to represent the beautiful state of Utah, which is 91% white.

It is not a state filled with the poor and disenfranchised, so why would her focus be on them?

You got to love this country!

God Bless

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Bernadette Martelly says...

Congratulations Mia !!! Power to women!!! and I am so proud to be

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Gerald Lafargue says...

Wow, it is just like an Obama event.

First Haitian And first Women, this is a win win for America.

May God be your Conselor when you facing big decision.

Congratulations are in order!!!
Truly yours,
Your Haitian brother in

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Maryse Delince says...

She make us so proud and I know my Haitians sisters and brothers they are the best all over the world they show them that we are very intelligents people so why we can't get

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Bertha Bouquet says...

Congratulations Mia love enjoy your seat don't forget us god

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J Frank says...

OMG a face reader who can tell what someone is thinking by looking at his/her face, outstanding! You are absolutely right,(Some things in this world are met to stay hidden) your hate is to be kept hidden in your heart.

Note: every community needs leaders/politicians in both political parties.

Voters: stay politically unaffiliated to any political party, in order to get what you want. Congratulations to Mis. Ludmya

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Gabriel says...

Amazing what my fellow Haitian people can

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Pierrerobert Auguste says...

Warmest congratulations to Mia

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Cen Joseph says...

Sigh...please do your research before getting behind this woman.

She is against everything that benefits the poor and the disenfranchised.

She is a mormon covert that lives in Utah ( mormons though black people were cursed ).

Do you really think she knows or is concerned about anything that is going on in Haiti or the Haitian community?

Haiti is part of her " I am a immigrant rhetoric"...thats it. Stop it

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