UPDATE: Northern Haiti Flooding - Things are really bad over there...

Things are really bad in Northern Haiti... Flooding everywhere... Mezanmi, Tout zone Nord Peyi d'Haiti Inondé... Limonade / Quartier-Morin inonde, Grande Rivière du Nord, Limbe, Petite Anse, Fort Saint Michel, tout inonde... Anpil commune inonde nan departement Nord la...

Anpil moun ki geyen machandiz nan depo, dlo ale avek tou zafè yo...

PHOTO: Haiti - Kantin Mobil yo kite Potoprens pou ale Cap-Haitien
PHOTO: Haiti - Flooding in Cap Haitien - Flood victims in line for government assistance...
PHOTO: Haiti - Aerial View of Cap Haitien Flooding
PHOTO: Haitian Goverment officials on a Helicopter bound for Cap Haitien
PHOTO: Haiti - Camion EDEPEP la nan wout pou Cap Haitien ki anba dlo
PHOTO: Cap Haitien Haiti Flooded, one man tries to save his belongings

Kek nan information sa yo se Depute Limonade la, Gluck Théophile, ki fe rapòte yo sou antenne Radio Signal FM...

English - Local Haitian authorities came out on the radio to give some details about the flooded areas in Nothern Haiti, from the sound of it many communes in Northern Haiti are flooded.

Call your family and friends in the north, make sure they are OK...

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Bonito While my heart goes out to the victims of the flood that has ravaged the North and other parts of Haiti, and my most sincere sympathy with each and... see more
Reply · November 08 at 11:57 AM
Topsecret Jahlove May Jan god the most high bless Haiti for ever n ever
Reply · November 05 at 4:09 PM
Patrick Princivil Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh papa! pa gen jwèt nan sa non, avek bagay marriage gason ak gason; fan-m ak fan-m sa a fè Bondyé vin pi faché... see more
Reply · November 04 at 5:10 PM

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Subject: UPDATE: Northern Haiti Flooding - Things are really bad over there... edit

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