Many people go to Church these days to gossip and show off, the priest said

Are you one of those people who go to church to show off? That's what the priest said in his sermon today. Everyone started to giggle after he said that.

Catholic Church - The New Cathedral In Hinche Haiti

Many people don't go to church to be good Christians anymore, he said, they go to church just to go to church, just to belong, just to show off (fè moun wè). Many of them are gossiping in church, 'y ap fè tripotay andedan legliz'.

He slope about a bunch of Haitian men who don't even to go church but their christian wives register them with the catholic church anyway so that when they die their funeral services can be held by the church on their way to the cemetery.

It would be too much of a shame for the funeral to go straight to the cemetery, he said.

He spoke about other things too but that's the part I remember LOL... I guess you could say, 'm ap fè tripotay andedan legliz la tou!'

What do you think?

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Phillip A Manning says...

Hello! The Priest was good and absolutely right...

Mr. Phillip Manning

Please share to my FaceBook account! Go to Facebook...

and, pull up Friends, Some how are the other you do it....

Facebook is just about all over the earth I Think! anyway! Yel

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Subject: Many people go to Church these days to gossip and show off, the priest said edit

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