Manual Labor - The Hardest Working Men in Haiti

Everyday, Hundreds of thousands of Haitian men let go of their pride to put food on the table... This is one of them... Carrying rice bags on the back of his neck all day long. He is one of the hardest working men in Haiti.

Manual Labor in Haiti - Carrying rice bags for a living
Manual Labor in Haiti - Carrying rice bags for a living

"By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground" (Genesis 3:19)

I don't think that's what God had in mind when he said this... Do you?

If this man had a better option, I am 100% sure he would take it...

By no means, he would still be sweating, we all do one way or another, BUT... He'd probably be a little bit more PROUD... Of himself... AND of his country...

If we want a better Haiti, we have to start from the ground up!

But in the meantime... There is a Haitian song that says...

"Pito'm mande pase'm vòlè..."
"Mezanmi mwen pa finn dakò..."
"Pito'm travay pase'm mande"

(I rather beg than steal.
on the other hand,
I rather work than beg)

I salute all the hard working men and women of Haiti

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David Grant says...

There is no shame in what one does for a living.

(Genesis 3-19) applies to all for of labour be it sitting behind a desk, white colour job, blue colour jobs or otherwise, man has to work for a living.

However, there must be a just reward for what a man does.

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John says...

Labor in Haiti is a crime for low

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