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Haiti - Wyclef Jean Tweets: The Next President of Haiti might be a Woman

Wyclef For President Haitian hip hop star Wyclef Jean just posted on his Twiiter account that the next president of Haiti might be a woman... Hmmm...Witch woman do you think Clef is talking about? more »

Haiti Kanaval Funeral begins 8:00 am Saturday

PHOTO: Haiti Kanaval 2015 Premier Jou a... Port-au-Prince Haiti -- After 72 Hours of mourning for everyone who died at the Kanaval accident Tuesday 17 Feb 2015 in Champs-de-Mars, a national funeral will be held starting at 8:00 am Saturday... more »

Haiti Police Nationale - 25th Promotion just Graduated...

PHOTO: Haiti - New Police Graduates, 25th Promotion Haiti Security - The 25th promotion of the Haiti National Police force has just graduated... That means more police presence in the streets of Haiti to fight crime... to protect and serve a population in need of more security. more »

Haiti Government promises MORE security during the Holiday season

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer The Haitian Government announces new security measures for the end of the year holiday season. New surveillance cameras will be installed in various sector and the National police force will increase the size and reinforced... more »

Haiti Education - Only 13 percent of Haitian students can read 30 French words per minute

PHOTO: Haiti - Elev Lekol Piblik nou yo (Public School Students) In a series of tweets from the Haitian Government Wednesday, it was revealed that only 13 percent of students in Haiti can read 30 French words per minute... The average is 60 words per minute... more »

EBOLA - Haiti Blocks Entry of MINUSTAH Soldiers from Senegal until they are tested for the EBOLA Virus

Could MINUSTAH bring EBOLA to Haiti? Haitian Authorities have demanded that a contingent of Senegalese MINUSTAH soldiers be tested for the EBOLA Virus before they travel to Haiti to replace others already on the ground... more »

Jacmel Haiti Public Prosecutor's Office Vandalized, Evidence in a murder trial stolen

PHOTO: Haiti Justice - La Justice ap Dòmi Here's something you don't read about everyday... Unidentified men in Jacmel Haiti vandalized the "parquet de Jacmel" (the public prosecuter's office) stealing, among other things, video evidence in a murder trial... more »

Haiti Fiscal Year (Exercise Fiscal) Explained - Start and end dates

Taxes in Haiti - Tax Time for Haiti In Haiti you often hear the term "Exercise Fiscal" and, if you are a foreigner or a diaspora who's been out of Haiti for too long, you ask yourself what's that? Let me tell you... more »

Haiti - Turning Trash into Compost, the new Government Plan

Planting Corn in Haiti What happens to all the trash that leaves Port-au-Prince for the Truitier Landfill? The Martelly-Lamothe government has an idea... They are presently in negotiations with potential investors to turn that trash into compost... more »

Haiti Traffic Police Issues a Warning to Big Truck Drivers for the Opening of School

Camion Transport Le Bon Samaritain Gonaives Haiti Haiti's Direction de la Circulation et de la Police Routière (DCPR) - The Traffic and the Highway Police Directorate - has issued a warning to Haitian truck drivers... For the opening of school in Haiti, big trucks and tractor trailers are banned from the streets of metropolitan Port-au-Prince between the hours of 5am to 9am, also between 3pm to 6pm for the the safety of the students... more »