l'Etat Haitien

Haiti Avertissement - LETA fek Suspann TOUT Permit de Porte d'Arme nan peyi a...

PHOTO: Haiti Caricature - Suspension de Tous Les Permis de Port d'Arme Attention TOUT sitwayen honèt nan peyi d'Haiti... Attention TOUT Diaspora k'ap rantre nan peyi a... LETA Haitien fèk Suspann TOUT Permit de Porte d'Arme nan peyi a... Ou pa gen dwa mache ak zam en Haiti menm si ou gen permis pou li... more »

Haiti - Daylight Saving Time WILL NOT Change this Year 2016, Haitian Govt said

Time in Haiti -  Daylight savings time in Haiti No Need to turn your clock forward one hour on Sunday March 13, the Haitian government announced that daylight saving time will be adjusted in the year 2016... more »

Death Penalty in Haiti, YES or NO?

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer Capital punishment, death penalty or execution is abolished in Haiti by the 1987 constitution; however, some Haitian citizens are are questioning whether of not it should be reinstated due some of the cold blood, willful and premeditated murders that are taking place in parts of the country, especially to uniformed police officers who are being murdered in the line of duty in the capital and surrounding areas... more »

S.O.S. Hinche Haiti, Cochon ap Raboure Lari a, SOS bay La Mairie, l'Etat Central, Martelly Souple!

PHOTO: Hinche Haiti, Cochon ap Raboure Lari a... Mezanmi ou ka kwè sa? Ville de Hinche Haiti, Cite Charlemagne Peralte la, capital (chef Lieu) Department du Centre la, Cochon ap raboure lari a tout la jounen tout lannwit... SOS bay La Mairie... SOS bay l'Etat Central... Fè yon jan!!! more »

Haiti Police Officers are about to Get a Salary INCREASE

PHOTO: Haiti National Police Force, New graduating class Good news for all Haitian Police officers out there... Haiti Justice Minister Pierre-Richard Casimir has just announced a salary increase for ALL Haitian National police (PNH) officers starting in October... more »

Haiti Money - Martelly blames Former Haitian Leaders for Depreciation of the Gourde to the US Dollar

PHOTO: Haitian Money - Haitian Currency - One Gourde Haiti Money Update -- If the Haitian Gourde has lost so much value to the U.S. Dollar, it is because of past mistakes of former Haitian Leaders, President Michel Martelly said on the election trail... more »

Haiti Reconstruction - Brand New Court of Cassation will be ready in August

PHOTO: Haiti Reconstruction - Cour de Cassation Under Construction The Haitian government has just announced that the newly constructed Supreme Court of Cassation will be ready for inauguration in August 2015... It will be a beauty they say... more »

Haiti Immigration - Finally 60,000 Passport Books now in Stock

PHOTO - Haitian Passports There has been a Passport crisis in Haiti for a while... FINALLY, some good news... 60,000 passport books are now available, Minister of Communication Rothchild Francois Jr said Friday... more »

Haiti - Manifestation to force Martelly to Retract Aristide Executive order to disband the Army

The Haitian Armed Forces A street protest (Manifestation) to force Haiti President Michel Martelly to retract the executive order by former President Jean Bertrand Aristide to disband the Haitian army (FADH) is scheduled for 30 March 2015 in Capital Port-au-Prince... Protestors want to know why is there no army in Haiti will all this insecurity... more »

Haiti - Embezzlement at Cour Superieur des Comptes, ex-president Nonie Mathieu accused of skimming 37 million gourdes

PHOTO:  Haiti - Nonie Mathieu Nonie Mathieu, former president of Haiti's Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes (CSCCA), is involved in a major operation to divert some 37 million gourdes from the State coffers, National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH) says... more »