l'Etat Haitien

Haiti - La Douane fe-m gaspiye 50 dola US gazoline pou yon laisser passer ki koute 100 gourdes

Haiti Customs - AGD - Administration General Des Douanes Mezanmi, zafe tout bagay konsantre potoprens saa ap pete fyel mwen, banm eksplike nou kijan la douanne haiti fem depanse 50 dola US Pou gazoline a chak fwa ke mwen bezwen fè yon laisser passer ki koute selman 100 gourdes... Sa se mechanste... more »

Haiti to open new office to get Humanitarian Aid cleared out of Customs Faster

Haiti Customs - AGD - Administration General Des Douanes Great news for all philanthropic organizations shipping goods to Haiti -- A special bureau will be established at Haiti's Customs office to facilitate the clearance of shipments sent by legitimate philanthropic organizations which are helping Haiti.... This announcement was made earlier this week by Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe according to the Haitian Caribbean News Network (HCNN) more »

Haiti - Police Sou Bicyclette - Now in Cap Haitien

Haiti - Police Sou Bicyclette - Nouvo image Police Nationale la A new brigade of Haitian Policemen on Bike has just been launched in the city of Cap-Haitien Haiti... In an intiative to bring the police closer to the Police, eight new police officers will be patrolling the streets of Cap-Haitien on bicycles. more »

BIG Secret: Haiti Government Offices Contact Phone Numbers

Marie de Delmas, Port-au-Prince, Haiti QUESTION: Say you want information... Were do you find a contact phone numbers for a Government office in Haiti? --- I am somewhere in Delmas Haiti, I need to contact the Mairie de Delmas to ask for information... Can you believe this? No matter how many ways I type "Maire de Delmas" on the Internet... NO Address, No Phone Numbers... more »

Haiti - Communication : CONATEL issues new warnings to the Haitian media

CONATEL Haiti The National Council of Telecommunications of Haiti (CONATEL) has just issued new warnings against Haitian radio and Television stations take pleasure in broadcasting false information likely to disturb public order and internatonal relationships... more »

A new promotion of Haitian community police officers just Graduated

Haiti - Police Sou Bicyclette - Nouvo image Police Nationale la Haiti's Community Police is growing in numbers... A new promotion of Haiti community police officers have just graduated from the Haitian police academy. They are ready to hit the streets various community across the country. more »

Vraie ou Faux? - Tout problem Haitien Genyen, se PREZIDAN-an direk li mande vinn pote-l sekou...

Haiti Palais Nationale - 2 Men Nan Tet Se vre ou se pa vre? Nenpòt sa yon Haitien genyen, se Prezidan Repiblik la direkteman li mande pou vinn gere problem la... Menm si yo mare yon bourik devan lakay li... Bourik la kk... Li vle se prezidan-an ki pou vinn retire-l... more »

USA Vs Haiti - Take the US Government out of the picture, you end up with a country like HAITI

Uncle Sam - This Could Be You Homeless Carboard What would the United States of America look like if we took government out of the picture, 'liberating' health care, education and assistance for the poor from the hands of government and leaving it entirely up to the free market and to churches and private charities? HAITI... That's what! more »

Build a WALL between Haiti and the Dominican Republic... WOW... REALLY???

Build a wall to Separate Haiti and Dominican Republic FACT: The Haitian government is building a wall at the border between Carrizal Haiti (Belladere) and Elias Pina, Dominican Republic. Dominican authorities say: why not build a wall AND separate the two countries once and for all... more »

Ending Blackouts in Haiti - Electricite d'Haiti (EDH) Now Open to Investors

Electric Power Pole - Haiti Power and Electricity The Haitian government wants to end the blackout in Haiti. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe says Electricite d'Haiti (EDH) is bankrupted, unable to electrify Haiti as a whole. He wants to END BLACKOUT in Haiti. So... Investors get ready... Soon there will be a call for bids. more »