Insecurity vs Criminality - Haitians have it all Confused and it is making the country look bad

Every time a petty crime is committed in Haiti, the Haitian media shouts: "insecurity is going up in Haiti". Why is it that this word "insecurity" is never used for crimes committed in the United States.

Jean Jean Roosevelt Surrounded by Police in Mirebalais Haiti

Every day in the United States, many crimes of all sorts are committed all across the country. Haitians who live in diaspora knows this but they are never in a state of panic because the news media in the United States calls it a murder, a homicide, a shooting, but never "insecurity".

Everyone is OK with that including Haitians who lives in the US where these crimes are happening.

But in Haiti, a small island nation where every major radio station is like Haitian CNN, broadcasting news nationally, every time two people get into a fight and one ends up killing the other, you hear "insecurity is going up in Haiti".

That's the first thing you hear and it raises panic not just in the entire nation but across every Haitian diaspora community around the world.

Haitians across the globe begin to panic:

"Oh my God!"

"Insecurity in Haiti!"

"Haiti will never change!"

There is no place on earth where crimes are not committed. It is time for us to stop calling it insecurity.

It is this specific choice of word, insecurity, that is causing the panic.

Perhaps we should start focusing on the crime rate in some of the major Haitian cities like Port-au-Prince. Compare our crime rate to cities in other countries like Chicago USA, Kingston Jamaica or Tijuana Mexico. You will be surprised how safe Haiti is compared to these other cities.

My fellow Haitians, let's change our vocabulary about Haiti.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Si sa Ayisyen an Ayiti yo ap di a sé pasa, sé pou dyaspora ki pa kwè-sa yo al poté tèt yo alé nan boucheri an Ayiti a pou bandi légal yo fini avèk

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Frednel says...

I can't agree with you more on this...

part of it, like you pointed out is the media.

They need to starting learning new vocabularies.

I see why President Donald J Trump doesn't like

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Chaque fois qu'un crime est commis en Haïti, la première chose que vous entendez dans les médias est que l'insécurité monte en Haïti. Pourquoi ce mot «insécurité» n'est-il jamais utilisé aux Etats-Unis?

Aux États-Unis, de nombreux crimes sont commis chaque jour dans chaque communauté.

La diaspora haïtienne qui sait qu'on n'est jamais dans un état de panique parce que les nouveaux médias l'appellent un meurtre, un homicide, une fusillade, mais jamais l'insécurité.

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Subject: Insecurity vs Criminality - Haitians have it all Confused and it is making the country look bad edit

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