In Haiti, You burn much MORE GAS per mile!

Recently, I ran a test to see how much gas was using in my car while driving in Haiti, the results are devastating... Once you leave the pavement in Haiti and you start driving uphill and downhill on these rocky roads any four-cylinder car becomes a gas-guzzler...

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti

I now understand why the Toyota RAV-4, Honda CRV and similar cars are so popular in Haiti... They are good for your pockets!

I drive a V-6 SUV... I'm supposed to get 14 miles per gallon (MPG) on the highway and 18 MPG in the city... But in Haiti? sometimes it fees like you're only getting 4 Miles/gallon

Let me explain...

TEST #1 -- On the Pavement...

It cost me 2,000 gourdes (about $50 USD) of gas (10 gallons) for a round trip Hinche to Port-au-Prince... That's only to get to Port-au-Prince and back! If I decide to drive around in the bad-ass Port-au-Prince traffic, I'm screwed!

Still... That's about 100+ miles so it's not bad. But what happens when I go OFF ROAD?

TEST #2 -- Going OFF-ROAD...

I put 800 gourdes of gas (4 gallons), drove 15 miles around town, then add another 1,400 gourdes of gas (7 gallons) to go to Boc Banic, a border town 25 miles away from Hinche.

On my way back to Hinche, I almost ran out of gas...

That's less than 50 miles of driving!

Every car has an expected miles per gallon (MPG) for highway and city... But no car manufacturer ever tells you how much gas you will burn going up and down rocky roads...

It is costing Haitian drivers a hole lot of money for gas because of all the roads that are not paved and the crazy Port-au-Prince traffic (if you are so unfortunate as to live there.)

Do you drive in Haiti?

What is your gas guzzling story?

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E Bruno On Facebook says...

The problem is when you buy gas in Haiti for 40 dollars us its giving you 5 gallons they reduced the gas by control...

Put 10 gallons of gas here in the us in your car put 10 gallons in Haiti you see the

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