In a Trump kind of way President Joe Biden told immigrants do not come to the United States

You thought President Trump was blunt, President couldn't be more blunt in his message to Immigrants: Don't come over, he said.

President Joe Biden tweet telling immigrants not to come to the United States

"I can say quite clearly, don't come over." President Joe Biden said to immigrants looking to come to the United States in a tweet on March 23, 2021.

The US Embassy in Port-au-Prince Haiti even put it Haitian Creole on their web site to make sure Haitians got the message loud and clear.

The Embassy's tweeted the message message in Creole: "Mwen ka di sa byen kle: pa vini." with a picture of Joe Biden on it.

While Haitians are busy dreaming of life anywhere but Haiti, the door to the land of opportunity seems to be closing down more and more.

What do you think about President Biden's tweet?

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Max Mills says...

O Lord what is wrong with these people they are still living in darkness.

Biden said boat people are not welcome.

Do not think about " kanter".

That's why we have embassies to negociates all the possibilities.

Dumb haitians always thinking about russia what does russia can do for you?

Look around in the Caribbean the smallest island is not complaining like haitians do but they ( haitians)want help from

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Eunice Tassone says...

It's a temporary solution so that the US immigration can manage the thousands that are coming in over the border, especially the children.

There isn't any room to process the numbers.

Most Haitians believe that the US has endless resources and land mass. There are 333 million people living in the US. One in eight US children go to bed hungry.

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Jay says...

It's a shame to hear Haitian citizens vocalize how rich they are and put their money in international bank account not investing money in the Haitian community.

we are Haitian not American we need to work together for a better doesn't matter how much money you have you are still black they'll always treat you different use the money you have to make a different in your peoples

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Jay says...

America is for American.not for Haitian that why Haiti must accept Russie help to develop the country so Haitian people will stop dreaming of opportunities

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Rza says...

It's hilarious to me...You guys really think Creepy Joe, is different from Trump..

Unbelievable they are all the same from Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden these men all have the same agenda...Bail out corporations and let the citizens pick up the bill..

It was the Obama administration who built the cages and separated families...The Trump administration was more bold with it...Now Biden administration is continued what the Obama administration started..This is an Obama 3rd term in

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