Ile-a-Vache Haiti - The Struggle to Turn the Island into a Resort Island

QUESTION: What is wrong with turning the island of Ile-a-Vache Haiti from subsistance farming and fishing island into a modern Resort Island, creating jobs and inviting tons of tourists to come in, have fun and leave their money behind??? Nothing if you ask me... BUT ask some residents of Ile-a-Vache and you will get a big "HELL NO..."

Read this...

There is a $260 million project being built with a combination of foreign aid and private investment that is scheduled to be completed in two years. That project includes condos, spas, a community radio station and an international airport that will allow foreigners to bypass chaotic Port-au-Prince.

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe said there will be more than 2,000 jobs in hotels, plus work building schools and a community center.

$24 million is being spent on a new airport in Ile-a-Vache to allow tourists to fly straight to the island...

We all want Haiti to change right? For the better... We want jobs... Lots of jobs... We want more money to come in... RIGHT? Lots of Money...

We want all of this... AS LONG AS NOBODY dares to ask us to MOVE if we happen to be on the path of progress...

Nobody in Haiti wants to give up their land... or even move to a new land for the sake of progress...

Haitians are so attached to their land, their property, that PROGRESS has to go OVER it or AROUND it... Not through it... OH NO... Hell no...

What do you think about that?

Reply with your comments.

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Caridad Hilaire The owners must be paid market values, and if they continue to resist the law of imminent domain should be applied in this case. They cannot just... see more
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Daniel Bongard If we bring money to this country why not we all love Haiti to number 1 again
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Ell Shaddai I totally support the projects that peoole have planned for Haiti... but if it involves for people to give up their land without being compensated... see more
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David Grant Probably, the residents of Ile A Vache have heard what happens in other caribbean ialands. Let us say for example, Mustique in St Vincent and the... see more
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