I am Thinking About Moving Back To Haiti... What?

WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY? Why do family and friends panic when you tell them "I am thinking about moving back to Haiti?"

Seriously... Try telling your family and friends you are thinking about moving back to Haiti and hear what they have to say about it...

Oh believe me, some of them will scare the hell out of you... They will make you believe that you are moving back to Beirut...

Just for fun, tell some of the scaredy-cats in your life that you are thinking about moving back to Haiti and hear what they have to say about it... LOL...

Of course, share your story with us.

Reply and tell us what they said!

Can't wait to read it.

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Alan says...

I'm a Haitian that invested in Haiti.

I built a resort like facility on the beach in Les Cayes on Gelee Beach, I fell in love with the place.

I built a gym, basketball courts, restaurant, and 9 rooms to rent. My house sits behind the gate overlooking all what I've done. But, no human resources to help me run it where I actually get the money.

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Tina says...

Hello! I have the same idea. We should get our ressources together and go back to Haiti to open that martini bar! email me at enitram2enitram at yahoo.com if you are serious about it. Talk to you soon.

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Tony says...

Well Haitien you need to think this over sirously you are scared to move back to your own country when all others non Haitien are moving there and buying up all your land living very well, I am a Jamaican move to Haiti from the United State 2007 and not leaving for nothing, learn creol and now see Haiti ten(10)times better than it was in 2007 I LOVE this place HAITIEN

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Marygharlynn says...

You know what?

Moi aussi mon reve le plus cher c'est de retourner au bercail.

mais cependant, pas mal de mes amis n'ont pas cesses de me derouter dans mes pensees.

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Anglade Dieudonne says...

yon lot facteur ki tres important se du fait que depuis plusieurs decenies Haiti toujours gen yon leta kote dirijan yo pa janm vreman penser mete sou pye yon program kika favoriser retour Hatien kap viv a l'etranger retounen vi'n investi nan peyi yo. Apres 30 40 ou byen 50 ans deyor kote compatriote yo fi'n bay tout courage yo nan ede economie lot peyi macher pi gwo cadeau ke leta Haitien teka bay moun sa yo seta mete en place yon mecanisme kika faciliter moun sa yo vi'n investi nan peyi yo. Se pou yo ta komans e program sa depi nan ambassade Haiti genyen a l'etranger yo kote ta dwe gen yo series de informations ki disponibles nan ambassade yo pou nemport citoyen Haitien kap viv a l'etranger depi nan peyi kotel ap viv la li ka komanse jwenn information sou ki secteur economique ki rentable en Haiti epi jwenn contact yon serie de firme en Haiti ki ka

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Anglade Dieudonne says...

gen plusieurs facteurs ki ka explike le fait ke anpil Haitien viv a l'exterieur gen anpil reflexion chak fwa pou yo ta deside retounen al viv Haiti definitivman
1e) rezon an se desinformation malhonete ke anpil moun ap

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Bernadette says...

Woodring, I know Hinche is part of your hometown heritage.

Are you thinking of moving there, or some other place?

I have been contemplating this thought for quite awhile now. When I first told my mother about, her immediate response was: How much life insurance, I think she should get on my behalf?, Would I prefer cremation or traditional burial, PROVIDED, she can find my body, that

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Rolbert says...

yo toujou ap di coze mal dr haiti se com si yo pa haitian wi yo pa regle merd tout korb yo passe nan ...zin le yo konin ou gin lide aller yo pas kontan yo voyer zinglindou aller kouper bra ou haiti se pou nou nap tonin lakay min jan juif yo tounin lakay yo viv haiti abas tout lot nation ban voler.


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Lynne says...

I have wanted to move to Haiti since I left in 1990. I am a blanc born and raised in the Midwest and I love Haiti with all my heart.

That is just the way it is. Nothing would make me happier.

I would like to open a coffee/martini bar. Any

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Jean Gerard Rhau says...

Woodring, you have many followers, whatever you do, people will follow.

I will meet you there.

One of my

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