How to Send Matt Lauer to Haiti

Did you know that you can actually vote online to send Matt Lauer to Haiti?

Where in the World is Matt Lauer - Haiti

I just received this from a subscriber, regarding sending Matt Lauer to Haiti. It's about how to send NBC Today Show host Matt Lauer to Haiti.

It's simple, Go to: and vote for Haiti

You see, there is a segment on NBC's Today show called "Where in the World is Matt Lauer?" which features co-host Matt Lauer traveling the world to various locations within one week.

The good news, you get to decide where Matt Lauer will go next. So what do you say?

Let's send the guy to Haiti!

In 9 seasons, Matt Lauer has not been anywhere in the Caribbean. What do you say, Let us send Matt on a trip to Haiti. that mean a lot of exposure for Haitian Tourism.

Gina S. writes:

Please..... lets see if we can do something for Haiti 's tourism!!!!

please vote, and then forward this to ALL of your friends/colleagues/acquaintances. I know most of you watch NBC and you all are familiar with Matt Lauer.

Every year he does a segment called "Where in The World is Matt Lauer". There is an online list where you can vote which country he should visit in 2009. Haiti is on the list....

Keep the votes going, vote for Haiti!

Go to:

Only one vote per computer so send to all your Haitian family/friends.

The email was forward to me by Mireille S.

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