How do you say PINTADE in English?

Haitians love to eat PINTADE but do you know what the word for "PINTADE" is in English? Read this and find out.

Haitian Pintade - Pintade in English

I have been in the United States for more than 20 years and nobody in my family knows the English word for PINTADE.

I am not kidding!

It wasn't until today, while adding all the new Haiti Zoo Pictures online, that I finally figured out how to say PINTADE in English!

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Do you know what the English word for Pintade is?

Guess what?

I am not gonna tell you until the very end of this article!

First things first...

Let me tell you how surprised I was on my way back from Kenskoff Haiti. I stopped at the Centre Evangelique Wallace Turnbull in Fermathe Haiti only to find out that there is a little zoo back there.


Behind the Wallace Church and Hospital in Fermathe is a little Haiti zoo.

There are no tigers, no bears, no elephants, and no giraffes yet...


You will certainly see a monkey, snakes, alligators, lizards, rabbits, and a whole lot more while contemplating the beautiful Haitian mountain side in the background.

You will definitely see exotic birds like the Indian Peacock.

That's beautiful blue bird with fancy feathers that we Haitians call "PAN".

Next time you play a trip to Fort Jacques of Kenscoff Haiti, stop "Kay Wallace" and visit the zoo] but until you can make it, check out some of the pictures I took while I was there.

OK here is your answer...

The English word for PINTADE is: The Helmeted Guinea Fowl or Guinea Hen.

That's right...

The Pintade is an original bird from Guinea...

Pintade yo soti nan ginen tou wi!


The reason we call it PINTADE in Haiti is because that's what they call it in France.

Oui... c'est vrai!

I am not sure whether the Helmeted Guinea Fowl (pintade) arrived in Haiti from France or in the slave ships but I surely know how good tastes.


They say the the cooked flesh of Guinea Fowls resembles chicken in texture but it has a taste somewhere between chicken and turkey.


What do you think?

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Jude Duverger says...

Bel pawòl nèt. Ou finn pale! Verite pintade la sou tanbou.

Mwen menm, se yon afriken ki soti nan peyi Togo ki fè mwen konen ki jan yo rele pintade an angle.

Misye manje pintade omwen de fwa pa semènn. Mwen gen tan pran enfòmasyon nan men misye epi m dekouvri gen yon yon gwo bilding bò kote nou travay la ki vann tout yon variete de volay.

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James Thomas says...

Very nice and easy read, loved the embedded touch of humor.

The sudden Kreyol and French statements made me know that I was taking guidance from someone that knows where I'm coming from, because can try to describe "pintade" until I turn blue or black in our case and if you don't know; you don't know, with all of that said thank you for the clarification.

Kimbé pa

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Elmouth says...

Very well Guinea hen is right.

2, weeks ago, my 79 year old mom shared with me that she was craving some good old Pintade which she hasn't eaten for over 35 years since she left Haiti.

I took her to a place on Oxford and Levick in Philadelphia, PA, where she pick a live Pintade a medium to large one, a bit over 3 pounds; we

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Vilo Exantus says...

I didn't know the word until I look it up in my french and english dictionary which translates it as " Guinea Fowl".

It was an interesting subject and thanks for having shared it with us.

Happy New Year! May God richly bless you!

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Kouassi says...

Je confirme que c'est "Guinea Fowl".

Je vis en

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Mathias says...

Congratulations, WOODRING,for this article.Good Year. I wish you that this year Fouye can give to his internet friends many

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Kenny-way says...

sa vreman bel men poukisa?

si gen yon bagay ki vini apre ke w pibliye

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Penpal says...

thaks for the information i didnt know the name

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Maggy says...

You should share this info on Facebook.

Quite interesting, Thank

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Richelet says...

i don't exactly what to say or how to say that. but all I can say for now is: thank you for the information bro! god bless you and ur family.

but i'm glad to hear that, cause i wasn't know the

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