Hey, It's Woody. Did you Miss me?

Hey, It's Woody. Did you Miss me?

I've been receiving emails from my readers asking: Woodring, what's going on? How come I am not receiving Haiti news from you anymore?

I know... I know... There's no excuse for it... except perhaps to admit to you that there is a flaw in the way I do things and I am trying to fix it.

For over 10 years now, I've been serving you SOLO and I am trying to change that.

Changing it means I have to make some changes within the system to allow others to help me help you.

I am also making some changes in my personal life so I can serve you better... I will tell you about them (well... some of them) when the time is right.

I have fallen in love with this "informing you about Haiti" thing. and now that our beloved country is taking a new direction, I want to be there every step of the way telling you about the wonderful things that is happening in Haiti.

Sometimes I feel like I am boring you with information that you probably don't care about. but the emails that I've been receiving suggests otherwise.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your patience.

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Myrtho says...

I was wondering about your sudden silence.

I guess everything happens for a reason.Iam all eyes when the appropriate moment arrives.

Thanks for thinking of

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Deher-lesaint Leopold-edy says...

NOt at all, I like it very much, I even recommend it to, beside others, Prince Tiecoura DESSALINES ..

The latest in charge of The Dinasty




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Chenka says...

Welcome back but by the way would u happen to know anything about real estate in, haiti and how can ok one invest in haiti.

Please write me back if u have any info for me thank

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Nicole says...

Hi Woody, I did miss U man! Please keep sending me the breaking news from Haiti.

I always appreciate them.Keep up the good

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Marie says...

I missed u very much. Keep up the good work. Your news always appreciated.

I feel bad for never thank u. God bless

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Keener Michel says...

I Woody just like you say, i really missed you. Where have you been?

I hope you doing fine.It's been a while i don't read your pup-up on my mobile screen or my desktop e-mail.Welcome

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Dee says...

Woody i don't any money to help you but i can surely help in some way what you think i can do assist you come contact me trough my e-mail God bless brother.

by the way i had started a page myself so i think i can

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Yvette says...

welcome back. I did miss you. I am glad you are o k. I am looking forward to hearing more from

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Tizwit says...

Allo Woodring sakpase?Glad to hear from you Woodring, keep doing a good job to inform your people.


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Lionel Louis says...

Hey Bro, welcome back I think you doing a great job.I am proud to be Haitian one love


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