Haitian women, be careful consuming too much parsley when you are pregnant

Parsley Health Benefits - Healthy Foods that's good for you Parsley, one of the herbs that many Haitian women cook with, can do more harm than good to you if you are pregnant. more »

Your Health : Parsley - Great herb to help you recover from Anemia

Parsley Health Benefits - Healthy Foods that's good for you Did you know? Pasley is a great herb to help you recover from anemia. You can have anemia and not even know it. If you've feeling tired, having headaches, you feel weak and a bit depressed, changes are you have anemia... more »

Neck Injury : Haitian Chiropractors, doesn't this hurt?

PHOTO: Haiti - Machann Fig Most Haitian women on the countryside carry heavy weights on top of their heads everyday. Makes me wonder, chiropractors, doesn't this habit affect the neck and spine of these poor Haitians? more »

5 Foods You Should NOT Eat

caribbean food If your health is important to you, then here is a list of five (5) foods you're probably eating everyday that you should really avoid more »

Your Health : Not getting enough Sleep is BAD for you, Diabetes Bad...

Sleeping : Getting a good night sleep is more important than you think Are you getting enough sleep? Did you know that sleep deprivation has been tied to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression? more »

Azoumounou : Conjunctivitis is Everywhere in Haiti

Azoumounou - Pink Eye - Conjunctivitis in Haiti These days everyone in Haiti is talking about the dreaded eye sickness "AZOUMOUNOU". You wake up one day and your eyes are so itchy, you go to sleep and wake your with your eyes lids stick together... more »

Haiti Health : White Bread is BAD for your health

Haitian Bread - Pain Haitien Most Haitians love to eat white bread everyday BUT did you know? White bread is NOT good for you. White bread is bad for your health. Read this... more »

Haiti Pregnancy - Do Haitian women in the Diaspora take their POT bath after doing into labor?

Pregnant Woman In Haiti, after a women goes in to labor, she takes this HOT bath called "Bain POT". It's supposed to be GOOD for you... But do Haitian women in the Diaspora do the same? more »

Haiti Health & Diet - Dried Coconuts are Good for you - Health Benefits

PHOTO: Organic Coconuts from Haiti I have a big coconut tree in my back yard in Haiti, I just called an old man to pluck the coconuts for me and I discovered many of them are dry. So I got curious, is dry coconut good for you? Guess what... more »

Haiti Health & Diet: Drinking Tamarind Juice (Jus Tamarin) is good for Weight Loss

Tamarind from Haiti - Tamarin for sale at the Marketplace Lots of people in Haiti drink tamarind juice (jus tamarin) but did you know tamarin actually good for weight loss? Read this... more »