Haiti ALERT - Ministe Sante Piblik entedi lavant BACTOCLAV ak AUGMENTIN nan peyi a

Medicine in Haiti - Augmentin - Bactoclav ATTENTION : Tout Haitien ki ap achte medicament nan peyi d'Haiti... Ministè Sante Piblik fè mete yon nòt deyò ki entèdi lavant 2 medikaman, BACTOCLAV ak AUGMENTIN ki genyen sou etikèt yo Amoxicilline, Acide clavulanique, sout tout teritwa nasyonal peyi d'Haiti akoz yo sispek ta genyen anpil fo medikaman nan lari-a... more »

How badly is Chikungunya spreading in Haiti?

Feeling Sick QUESTION: Are all your family and friends in Haiti OK or is someone you know infected with this crazy Chikungunya virus? --- "Chikungunya" seems to be becoming a word too common in Haiti these days. Virtually everyone I speak to has a story to tell me about it... In the news I heard a Senator of the Republic was sick with Chikungunya, I know a Candidate for Depute who is presently in bed, infected... There was even a joke about it in parliament that the Haitian Prime Minister was sick with Chikungunya and could not show up for something... more »

Haiti - Health : Which Vitamin Supplements do you Take and Why?

Vitamin Supplements: Omega-3 Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Calcium with Vitamin D Many of us in the Haitian community eat rice and beans almost everyday, we use lots of salt, oil, seasoning, Maggi and pat tomat in our food, to give it good taste and yet we have no clue how much vitamins and nutrients we are consuming in that food we eat... So let me ask you this: Are you taking vitamin supplements with your food and why? more »

Haiti - Medical : Mosquito-borne Chikungunya virus spreading rapidly

Haiti Medical Alert A few weeks ago, Haitians in Haiti heard about a new virus called Chikungunya that just arrived in the country.. Now there are news reports that the Chikungunya virus is spreading like wild fire... Ronald Singer, a spokesperson for Haiti ministry of health says there are now 1,529 confirmed cases of the Chikungunya virus in Haiti, a huge jump from just 14 last week, the Associated Press reports... more »

Many Haitians cook everything with coconut Oil but do they understand the health benefits?

My Haitian cousin drinking fresh coconut water I know in some parts of Haiti women use coconut in every food they cook... Especially in Les Cayes I've been told... But it wasn't until recently that I discovered that coconut oil is basically the best oil in the world... So I am wondering... Are these people aware of the health benefits or is it just an accidental habit? more »

Haiti - Sante : Twop sik diminye kapasite pou yon moun aprann

Haiti health, Haiti Hospital, Haiti Medical Mezanmi... Pou janm mwen renmen sik, mwen fèk dekouvri ke twòp sik kapab detwi sèvo w epi tiye entèlijens ou... Pou jan Haitien renmen bwè bagay sikre, ou kwè yo tout konnen saa? Gen yon moun ki pwal ri m wi lè li li atik saa... Li sa a... more »

Does Haiti have a Cholera Problem or Lack of Political Will?

Cholera Haiti - Cholera la toujou I just finished watching a CNN news report about another possible cholera outbreak in Haiti. The reason, they say, is because Haiti lacks access to clean water and the country has a huge sanitation problem, both causes of lack of money and "lack of political will" in Haiti... more »

Haiti - Health : Mosquito-borne Chikungunya virus in Haiti

Haiti Medical Alert There have been news reports of the presence of the chikungunya virus in Haiti... This is a virus that is transmitted to humans by virus-carrying mosquitoes. Once infected you will have a bad fever and severe joint pain... more »

Haitians file NEW cholera lawsuit against the United Nations

Minustah And Cholera Are Twins A new group of Haitians have filed another lawsuit against the United Nations over the thousands of cholera deaths in Haiti they claim the UN is responsible for... more »

A Creole conversation between two Hospital employees in Montreal triggers an Investigation

Haiti France Reparations Controversy Two Haitian employees of the Rivière-des-Prairies Hospital in Montreal sometimes talk to each other in Haitian Creole rather than exclusively in French. A complaint from another employee led to an intervention of the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) -- Haitians in Montreal beware... French is the official language of the workplace, not Creole... LOL... more »