Port-au-Prince Haiti ranks the WORST in a world wide City Sanitation Report

Mercer Report - 2018 Quality of living City Ranking When it comes to city sanitation ranking among the cities of the world, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, ranks among one of the dirtiest cities in the world. In fact Port-au-Prince is the dirtiest of them all, the report said. more »

Next time, ADD a little ginger (gingembre) to your instant oatmeal, it tastes so good!

Haitians love The next time you are making instant oatmeal, do you yourself a favor, add a little ginger to the mix. you will thank me for it. more »

Haiti CLAIRIN - Deadly drinking alcohol kills many on both sides of Haiti-Dominican border

PHOTO: Haiti - Clairin vs Methanol Haiti Health -- A deadly moonshine (clairin) reportedly sold in Los Cacaos, a Haitian border town with Pedro Santana, Dominican Republic, has killed many people along the border. Alcohol drinkers beware... more »

STRESS can Make your Body Ache, Did you know that?

Dont you just feel STRESSED OUT sometimes? Sometimes you feel pain all over your body and you have no idea what is causing this... It could be STRESS! You're probably stressed out. Read this... more »

Tips for Storing Your Vitamins: Not in the Kitchen, NOT in the bathroom!

Vitamin Supplements: Omega-3 Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Calcium with Vitamin D If you are like me, you store your vitamins in the kitchen cabinet or in the bathroom. I just found out, these are the two worse places to store your vitamins and supplement. more »

Do you throw away your vitamin supplements once the expiration date is reached? Read this...

Vitamin Supplements: Omega-3 Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Calcium with Vitamin D I know many people will throw away their vitamins and supplements as soon as they reach the expiration date. Don't do that. You're throwing your money away... Read this... more »

Haiti Health & Diet - PAPAYA is Good for Your Eyes

Papaya - Nutrition and Health Benefits Haitian simply love to drink "Jus Papaye" (Papaya juice) but did you know? Papaya is Good for Your Eyes... more »

HEALTH CARE : Haiti is the worst in the Americas out of 34 Countries

Health in the Americas 2017 Edition - Summary: Regional Outlook and Country Profiles Health in the Americas 2017 --- When it comes to health spendings, Haiti is int the back of the bus... Haiti is ranked 34th out of 34 counties in the Americas. more »

Nearly 40 percent of Haitian doctors leave the country

Haiti Medical Alert While hospitals in Haiti are suffering from a shortage of doctors, nearly 40% of health care professionals, trained in Haiti at the Faculty of Medicine at the expense of Haitian taxpayers, leave the country. more »

Haitian women, be careful consuming too much parsley when you are pregnant

Parsley Health Benefits - Healthy Foods that's good for you Parsley, one of the herbs that many Haitian women cook with, can do more harm than good to you if you are pregnant. more »