HEALTH CARE : Haiti is the worst in the Americas out of 34 Countries

Health in the Americas 2017 --- When it comes to health spendings, Haiti is int the back of the bus... Haiti is ranked 34th out of 34 counties in the Americas.

Health in the Americas 2017 Edition - Summary: Regional Outlook and Country Profiles

According the 2017 report "Health in the Americas, " release by the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), Haiti has invested less than 2% of its gross domestic product (GDP) in health care over the past five years, while the recommended minimum is 6%.

Cuba is raked #1 with 10% if its GDP invested in health care, better than United States who come in second with 8%

Here are some things you will find in the report about Health in Haiti:

Malaria: All the endemic countries except Haiti and Venezuela have reduced their morbidity since 2000.

Child health - The Region succeeded in reducing infant mortality, In children under 5 years old, diarrhea was the cause of 10% of child mortality in Haiti.

Health of older adults - healthy life expectancy in Haiti and Guyana falls short of age 60

Domestic violence is common in Haiti. In 2012, 28% of women aged 15-49 reported that they had experienced physical violence since the age of 15, and 13% stated that they had been sexually abused at some point in their lives.

Human resources for health remains a major challenge for Haiti; the country has no policy for human resources in health.

You can download the full report, Health in the Americas 2017 Edition, at

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