Handicapped in haiti: My Story of Edouard, The Crippled From Hinche

When I was a little boy, growing up in Hinche Haiti, I knew a young man named Edouard. He was a 'kokobe', a 'moun fou', at least that's what we all used to call him. But now that I think about it, I was no better than Edouard... Let me explain...

Homeless and Handicapped in Haiti

Hinche only had dirt roads. Edouard used to drag himself in that dirt everywhere he goes. God did not bless him with the two strong legs that I still take for granted.

Edouard was always filthy and dirty...

He had an expression in his face that sort of looked like a smile but I had no clue what he was trying to say...

Gibberish to me...

Everyone would say "Ahhh... Edouard se yon moun fou..."

It took an earthquake to wake me up, hopefully my generation too, and to realize that... all Edouard needed was a danm wheelchair... and for me and eveyrone else in the city of Hinche to know that he was not a circus clown.

All he needed was a knowledge base in place that would allow a 5 year old boy, me, to understand that Edouard had a handicap, that he didn't choose to be that way, that he had rights, and that I was not supposed to tease, laugh, and discriminate against him.

But... Helas... I too had a handicap...

I was socially blind...

"There is only one good -- knowledge; and only one evil -- ignorance." (Socrates)

Watch this video...

(video not available)

Change begins when you know and you admit to yourself that you are wrong.

I believe that we are the generation of Haitians who will bring about change in Haiti.

We have been taken out of the constraints of the lakou, we have a broader vision of ourselves, no excuses, and we are evolving in a world where knowledge is only a few mouse clicks away.

Jesus only had 12 disciples...

If like me, you realize that you are ignorant about certain things, stop trying to figure out whose fault it is... It doesn't matter... and it's a waste of your time...

Just do me a favor...

Try to wake as many people as you can before you die...

Fomi a pote nouvel ba ou!

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Betina Omelius says...

We are no better than handicaped people and we all handicap in our own way. For example I consider myself as handicap because my speech is very limited when it come to english speaking.

Sometime people hardly understand my point of view, I think we need to love people as who they are, and if we don't god won't be on our

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David Grant says...

I feel that it takes you too long to come to the realisation that a physically or mentally challenged individual is not useless or incapable to make a contribution to the community where he resides.

I was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, and the people there always try to make fun of the handicapped.

A deaf and mute person, a blind, an epileptic; even a not so pleasing looking person, were not spared of this sort of riducule.

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Guy Comeau says...

This is a very good article.

Thank you for writing it. I too, as a kid in Port-au-Prince made fun of mentally handicapped people.

Now thinking back, there were two persons in my immediate then neighborhood who were cruelly harassed.

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Sergo Jean says...

Monche mwen tre kontan sa ou di ya, e mwen kontan ou paret avek ekxanp sa.mwen panse petet sa fe ou pa domi pou reflechi.

se yon mounn konsa ke mwen ye tou.sa fe mwen toujou panse ki sa mwen ka fe pou ede.se sa ki fe nan vi pamm mwen toujou ap swiv sa kap fet avan pou mwen reyaji pou di yon mo.se pou sa ki fe ou we mwen toujou di Ayisyen ki deyo a letranje yo, yo vini pou apran;pou yo ka ale fe chanjman peyi ayiti bezwen yan apre 206 ane indepandans.nou bezwen sezi ocasyon sa yo pou apran e ale sevi pep sa, ki te chwazi nan vi avan li te fet sou ter Ayiti ya, map di ou gen mounn ou te promet wap ede yo nan vi sa an Ayiti.epi yo chwazi yon fom ke ou pap rekonet yo le yo vini, sof ke ou aji fwa ou pou jwen mounn sa yo.yo vini sou de fom petet ki ka fe ou pote kritik nan vi sa sou mounn ki creye tout bagay ou we yo nan vi sa ki se God of Abraham, ki se Grand JE SUIS LE FILS UNIQUE DU PERE. MOUNN sa ou tande yo pale deli ki geri anpil mounn ki malad, sa ki te paralize pou yon long tan.ki fe tout sot mirak nan lavi lot mounn, poul ka montre le zom gen YON GRAND DIEU. santiman sa ou genyen pou EDouard se L"ESPRIT GRAND DIEU sa ki pale e touche esprit ou pou raple ou sevis ou dwe mounn sa yo nan vi ou.mwen gen plan pou ede mounn sa yo nan vi pa mwen.men mwen pa vle fe jan ou we mounn oganize yo pou yo rich sou tet mounn sa yo ki pov .anpil mounn vinn rich sou tet mounn sa yo.men geyen tou ki ki fe sa yo kapab avek tout onet te yo, men gen lot se pou woule oto, epi konronpi peyi ya plis nan zak malonet.

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