Haitians Will Plant 1.2 Million Trees Today, May 1 2013

There is a BIG event happening in Haiti today... 1.2 million trees will be planted in a single day, May 1 2013.

Haiti President Michel Martelly Planting a Tree

Good... Good... Good... We need more trees in Haiti...

But wait... It doesn't have to be 1.2 million! It could be more!

Call all your family and friends in Haiti and tell them to plant a tree today...

It's simple really...

Grenn mango a, grenn zaboca-a, di yo fouye yon trou yon kote espesyal, epi plante li... Bali dlo pou 5 a di jou, pran swen li tankou you ti pitit ki nan vant...

Mwen pral rele kouzen-m nan Haiti po-m dil plante yon pye mango sou te-m nan pou mwen...

Do you have a radio station? fe mesaj la pase tanpri.

The tree planting will take place at seven sites across Haiti, and 1.2 million saplings will be planted in a single day, May 1, according to Jean Lucien Ligonde, a senior adviser to the ministry of environment.

Let's do this...

Haiti toutouni pitit... An nou abiye Haiti cheri nou an...

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Jean Claude says...

that's very good and interesting as well. we need more than that quantity.

let us bring Haiti back to "la couleure verte" then we will be able to fight hunger and poverty.

But i also believe that the Government could help all Haitians living in Haiti to have at least a two burner gas tank. Congratulation Mr. President!!! we have to get to the ground if we really want to help these desperate people.

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Yvette Duverge says...

Thank you for keeping us informed.


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Yvette Duverge says...

I have to tell I really appreciate the work that you do for us. Thank

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Barbara Murphy-bridge says...

WOW - THAT is a lot of trees and I wish I could be there to help !!

Keep us in the loop, Woodring, on how the project went.


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