Haitian Woman Gives Birth On American Airlines Flight

A 22-year-old Haitian woman gave birth yesterday on an American Airlines flight from Haiti to Florida. At 35,000 feet in the sky, it was time for her to drop her extra baggage... this little baby decided... Ready or not... Here I come...

As American Airlines flight attendants we busy delivering soda, a cup of ice, and cheap crackers to the Haitian passengers, they had no idea that a passenger with no passport, and no visa, was about to take them on a ride they would never forget.

American Airlines flight attendant Patricia Sund told a South Florida news station:

"I was like the in-flight birth traffic controller in the back there.

It's like, 'You! Go get the emergency medical kit.

You! Grab the bag and go!

Somebody get a hold of the cockpit and tell them what's going on'"

Then Patricia screamed:

"Is there a doctor on the plane?"

Luckily, there were two doctors on the plane, and about 35 minutes before landing in the United States, American Airlines flight 2288 became the Haitian mid-air general hospital maternity...

A baby was born....

It's a boy!

Is the baby Haitian or American?

I knew you would ask... so here is your answer...

If the baby was born on American airspace, he is an American Citizen. Otherwise he has to bring his little baby butt back to Haiti and apply for a visa...

(Thanks Kiki for the info)

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