Haitian Rara Music Invasion in Marseille France!

Have you ever seen French white people (Blanc Francais) singing and dancing to Haitian Rara Music?

Haiti Rara Music In Marseille France

Watch this video and see for yourself...

La Rara De Marseille

The Haitian culture is addictive!

I am telling you... LOL...

Remember I asked you last week why are people who go to Haiti so attached to her?

  • It's the people
  • It's the food
  • It's the music
  • It's everything!

You have to go to Haiti, you have to experience it to believe it.

French people can never have this much fun listening to Les Chansonnettes Francaises... LOL...

Watch the video:

La Rara De Marseille

By the way...

Kanaval in Haiti is in February,
ou fe rezevasyon-w deja?

Watch Kanaval Videos at:

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Dieusel says...

bon ane evens bonn ane pou tout moun mwen kontan an pil felis

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