Haitian man get 4 women pregnant in the same house at the same time including a 13 year old girl

This is the craziest news coming from Haiti... A Haitian man gets his woman pregnant, he also impregnates the woman's sister and her two daughters in the same house at the same time. One of the daughters is a 13 year old girl.

Teen Pregnancy in Haiti
Teen Pregnancy in Haiti

This happened in Laimé, a locality of the 2nd communal section of Saint-Marc.

This man, Esaie Mervil, was arrested by police over the weekend and he blames "superstition," yes the boogeyman, as the culprit for what happened. Misye di se lwa ki fè l sa (he say it's a voodoo loa responsible for this).

Mervil has been held by police on charges of rape of a minor because of the 13-year-old girl.

Can you believe this? This is crazy!!!

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Ralph says...

It's reported,"...at the same time", not around the same time.This physiologically means all 4 women were in their ovulation period at the same time.
I think there is a difference between, raping 4 women during the same time and impregnate 4 women at the same time. Ne jouons pas avec les

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Guy Laguerre says...

Pou Jan Haiti ye pou yon neg gin 4 family gròs?

Eske lap okipé yo ou bien gin fe travay lap fè?

Eské se youn nan senatè ou youn nan depité yo paské se nèg k ap brasé nan kòb peyi a?

Se moune sa yo ki nan voleur lajan peyi

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St Marc Haiti Nouvelles says...

Men Nouvel...

St-Marc Haiti - Yon nèg gwòs 4 fanm nan yon sèl kay yon sèl kou. Misye gwòs ni madanm, ni sè madanm, ni 2 pitit fi madanm.

Yonn nan ti fi yo gen selman 13 lane, yon minè.

ou tande

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Subject: Haitian man get 4 women pregnant in the same house at the same time including a 13 year old girl edit

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