FLASH: Haitian man arrested in Jamaica with $6.5 million worth of ganja

A Haitian citizen was arrested in Jamaica with $6.5 million worth of ganja. Jamaican detectives of the narcotics division arrested 22-year-old Love Darlen's Felix, he said his name was 'Odian Powell.'

PHOTO: Haiti Prison - Prisoner in Haiti

This young Haitian has been charged with possession of ganja, drug dealing, preparing to export ganja (he was getting ready to export this drug to Haiti) and illegal entry into Jamaica.

1,600 pounds of ganja, was about to leave Jamaica to go to Haiti; Thirty-five knitted bags and two buckets were found loaded.

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah and Jahnes love.

That is really too bad. Shame and Jamaica's Law Enforcement for punishing this man. He was doing something good, it is about time that Ganja was legalized in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

And they should be ahead of this because of the large numbers of RastafarI who cultivate and use this herb. And the fact that it will provide a really good income to so many impoverished people in Jamaica, Ayiti and other Caribbean Nations.

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Subject: FLASH: Haitian man arrested in Jamaica with $6.5 million worth of ganja edit

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