Rap music, "crazy people music," the old Haitian woman said

A group of young Haitian teenagers were sitting around watching American rap videos when an older Haitian woman comes into house. She didn't understand the music at all but she knows, "it's crazy people music," she says...

"Do you kids even understand what the music is saying?" She asked.

The Truth: None of them understood what the music is saying because not of them speak English. It's mainly explicit lyrics that I do not dare translate and post on in this article.

I'm sure the old lady would prefer some good old-fashioned Haitian konpa music but, the new generation Haitians, they are more into this Hip Hop, Rap Kreyol and Raboday thing.

I mean, seriously, I've been in the United States for almost 30 years and I cannot understand most of the lyrics in those rap songs.

Is rap music people music? I would not put it that way what I have to tell you this: The older generation Haitians are very conservative.

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Subject: Rap music, "crazy people music," the old Haitian woman said edit

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