Haitian Man arrested for impersonating a police officer

Petionville Haiti - A Haitian man was arrested after impersonating a police officer... Johny Biguine used a stolen police uniform from the Motorized Intervention Brigade (BIM) and was going around pretending to be a cop and ripping people off...

Johny Biguine - Fake policeman arrested in Haiti

Johny Biguine was caught while he was trying to rip off a restaurant owner in Petionville who called the real police. (source)

So now you know... If you spot a Haitian police trying to rip you off, he may not be a real cop...

What do you tink about that?

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Djinou Pierre Louis says...

se pa manti legliz pap fe travay yo se legliz protestan yo k ap kraze peyi a avek kose mond invisib sa a tout la sent jounen presidanm nan di yon mo

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Reggie says...

Polis Ayisyen se ti visye tou. Yo ta fè pi

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Subject: Haitian Man arrested for impersonating a police officer edit

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