Haitian LALO - What is it called in English?

Haitians love LALO legume but what is the plant called in English? What do you look for when you go looking for LALO in an American supermarket? Here is what I found out, plus I have a surprise for you...

Lalo is called JUTE in English. Since Haitians only cook the lalo leaves, Lalo is therefore Jute Leaves.

This is what Fey LALO (Jute Leaves) looks like - Haitians love to eat Legume Lalo

Here is the funny thing. As much as Haitians love to eat the jute leaves or LALO, Wikipedia seem to focus more on jute fiber which I hear nothing about in Haiti.

Feel like eating some Legume Lalo today?

Allow me to tease you with this Chodye Legume Lalo LOL...

Chodye Legim Lalo - Legume Lalo - Haitian Jute Leaves Stew

What happens to the lalo plant in Haiti once the leaf is consumed?

I don't know but I read on Wikipedia that Jute (the fiber not the leaves) is one of the most affordable natural fibers and second only to cotton in the amount produced and variety of uses.

Makes me wonder how Haitians make use of the lalo/jute plant after we eat the leaves.

Read more about Jute on Wikipedia

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Jacques says...

Jute fiber is no longer noteworthy item but in olden times was used to make rope, rough

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