Haitian Diaspora - How money changes old relationships

Sometimes you may notice a relationship change between two old Haitian couples and you would be surprised to realize that the main reason this is happening is because she's working, she's making money and he is not very happy about that.

He may not have a problem with the money per se but he definitely has a problem with all the 'other problems' that the money brings into the household... Ego problems...

Think about that for minute... A Haitian man comes from Haiti, a country where he is the only breadwinner and a wife is just a housewife who cooks, cleans, and takes care of the kids. When they arrive in the United States both husband and wife are working.

At first it may not appear to be a problem but for the wife, she has something now that she never had before... She has buying power.

Both husband and wife are contributing to pay the bills. That means she too has a say in all the decisions in the house.

Next thing you hear is the husband is complaining "my wife doesn't respect me anymore."

Is the lack of respect the real problem or is the husband upset because suddenly he's not the only decision maker in the house anymore?

If this is not happening in your relationship, I am sure you know someone this is happening to.

This is a serious issue that is damaging many old relationships. Except it is an ego problem mainly with oldfashion Haitian men who refuse to realize that times have changed.

How do you address an issue like that?

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