Haitian Artist Jean Jean Roosevelt Under Attack in Mirebalais Haiti

Jean Jean Roosevelt SOS in Mirebalais Haiti
An SOS from Artist Jean Jean Roosevelt went out to Haitian police via social media begging for help: "Au secours police National d'haiti, je suis entre Mirebalais et la Chapelle, des gangs armés ont bloqués la route et séquestrés ma voiture," Roosevelt tweets...

"Armed gunmen are blocking the road and have taken my car hostage," Roosevelt said in French!

According to a snapshot of a more detailed message posted on twitter, Jean Jean Roosevelt said that these supposed protestors were protesting for electricity...

The demonstrators punctured all 4 tires of the vehicle which singer Jean Jean Roosevelt was in. The artist appealed for help to the Haiti National Police present in the area. He says he received threats from the inhabitants apparently very angry.

Two hours later, the artist posted another message saying that all is well and thanking the Police for coming to his rescue...

Sak ap pase konsaa???

Bon lotrejou moun Dany Laferriere victim nan Potprens epi jodi a se Jean Jean Roosvelt?

Mwen pa konn pou ou men mwen panse Haiti beswen yon fos danble pou mete lòd nan dezod

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Bonito While I do hear your frustration and I do feel heartfully for Mr Jean Jean Roosvelt who may have experienced the meaning of doom at that moment, it... see more
Reply · May 15 at 12:17 PM
Ninon Imbecile democracy pa vle Di pou ataké moun ni voler afer moun.
Reply · May 15 at 8:58 AM
Ajl "...Haiti beswen yon fos danble pou mete lòd nan dezod"... Ha ha! Nan tan demonrasi saa, kilès moun ki gen dwa/otorite pou met lòd... see more
Reply · May 14 at 6:21 PM
Patrick Princivil Peau diable, ou kon-nin'm saisi yon mou'n ki kon'in sak bon pou saisiseman fe'm kon'nin
Reply · May 14 at 5:48 PM

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