FLASH - Haitian American Idol Joanne Borgella is Dead...

Breaking News - Haitian American Idol Contestant and Plus Size Model Joanne Borgella is Dead... Joanne Borgella died Friday evening from a rare form of cancer... She was 32...

PHOTO: Joanne Borgella - First Haitian American Idol
PHOTO: Joanne Borgella - First Haitian American Idol

Joanne Borgella was a talented Haitian American Artist and a plus size fashion model who modeled for top brands like Ashley Stewart, Macy's and Nordstrom and has been featured in Seventeen, Essence and InStyle, according to dailyvenusdiva.com

Back in October 2013, Joanne Borgella posted a video on her Facebook page announcing to her fans that she was diagnosed with cancer.

The time that Joanne Borgella spent on American Idol was a great moment for all young Haitians in Haiti in America and all over the world. it lifted their spirit and made them believe they could achieve big things if they put their mind to it.

We were so inspired that we released a Haitian American Idol web site in her honor for all her Haitian Fans out there...

Rest In peace Joanne Borgella...

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Toussaint says...

She past in October 2014, why is this now being reported on this

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Will Cadet says...

I think she was one of the most beautiful young woman, that family had lost. Haiti also lost too from her living this world.

We haitien need to open more I didn't know she was haitien until now. It's look like every haitien is hiding something from each other.

We need think this world we are living in is short we can't hide behind a blanket still.

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Marie Elie says...

Oh man i saw that video so so

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Francois Toussaint says...

I'm very to be part of your

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Marie Francoise Cesar says...

So young, so beautiful with a very big bright future, unfortunate you have to leave your family, your friends, your fans and all your dreams.

Courage and my condolences to the family.

RIP Miss Joann Borgella.

you will be

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Latoya Jones says...

Rest in peace girlie!!! Much

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Ernst Molin says...

To the Borgella family and all the ones affected by this death, I present my sincere sympathy and condolences.

Joanne Borgella, dear sister, Requiescat in

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Lenie Duncombe says...

so sad R I

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Gina says...

My condolences to her family and love ones. she was a trooper..

may her soul

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Marie Salomon says...

My condolences to her family and may God help them during this hard time. She will be miss and we were so proud of

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