Haiti Economy - FOOD Prices Sky HIGH in Port-au-Prince, Buyers and Sellers are Screaming

PHOTO: Haiti Food Shopping - Gode Diri - Rice Measuring Cup
In Port-au-Prince Haiti, food shoppers and vendors alike are complaining about the sharp increase in food prices these days... everything is expensive, really expensive, rice, beans, sugar, you name it... "With such high prices on the local market, people will starve," one vendor told newspaper Le Nouvelliste...

KREYOL: Haiti - Le Vie Cher TOUT BON nan Port-au-Prince... Prix Tout Bagay Monte, Ti Mamit diri tèt nèg, ti mamit pwa tèt nèg... Lwil, sucre, spagetti, tout bagay vinn pi chè depi apre elections yo ranvwaye... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Here are some recent food prices according to a recent Le Nouvelliste article:

  • Gros Marmite Sucre (sugar),175 gourdes
  • Gros marmite poids noir (black beans), 375 gourdes
  • Pois Congo (pigeon peas), 325 gourdes
  • Regime bannane (plantains), 600 a 700 gourdes (it was 300 gourdes last year)

Here the strangest part... Many merchants in various marketplaces complain that the prices of these products went way up since the cancellation of the recent presidential elections due to violent street protest in the capital...

One merchant said no one buying, if this continues families will starve...

What do you think about that?

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Subject: Haiti Economy - FOOD Prices Sky HIGH in Port-au-Prince, Buyers and Sellers are Screaming edit

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