Haiti President Michel Martelly pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

President Michel Martelly pays tribute to the symbol of the anti-apartheid and Father of the democracy struggle in South Africa, Nelson Mandela aka "Madiba"

Nelson Mandela

Here is a translation from French of a note from Haiti's National Palace:

President Martelly learned with great emotion the death of the symbol of the struggle against apartheid, Nelson Mandela, this Thursday, December 5, 2013.

President Martelly joined his voice to the people and Government of Haiti to pay tribute to this iconic politician who, by his keen sense of tolerance and selflessness has to endorse the great republican values in favor of democracy in South Africa.

"Mandela is not only the Father of Democracy in South Africa, he is the symbol of democracy. And like any symbol, he is not dead. He is present in all of us and guide us by his lifestyle, his courage and faith in the true struggle for gender equality, races and nations ", said the President Martelly has on behalf of the Republic of Haiti.

Our most sincere condolences go out to the family of former President Nelson Mandela (1994-1999), his friends and relatives, the people and the Government of South Africa in general.

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Judith J L says...

Je suis toujours fière et contente d'Haiti, a chaque fois qu'un de nos présidents marche avec la fière-simplicité, bien connue des Haïtiens, aux cotés des autres présidents et dirigeants du reste du monde.

Haiti, tout comme notre président M&M, Michel Martelly, est une pierre précieuse que nos patriotes n'arrivent pas a voir. Il est d'une humeur facile a comprendre et d'une audace hardie que les événements de leur existence et leurs accomplissements peuvent grandement en témoigner.

Il est temps que tout Haïtien de bonne conscience, apprenne a respecter et a supporter Haiti et le Président.Nous pouvons tous apprendre une chose ou deux de M&M, "Stop taking life so seriously, find a way to live your life. The world wants so much and give us in return only heartache and regrets"

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Luko Devine says...

We just lost one of the most freedom father of the all human race above all God told him to stand for justice ...liberation ..freedom
may the our father rest in peace


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Jean says...

Good morning, i just want to rectify on the Date is December 5 2013 not December 15.

Reply from Admin: It seems the communications bureau at Haiti's National Palace made a mistake in the note that was released to the media.

it has been fixed on our end.


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Boniface Zebo Correspt De says...

TOUSSAINT DESSALINES PETION MANDELA, meme combat hommage a un de nos pairs, dans sont combat pour la dignité des peuples, et, de sont peuples, il nous quitent, sont peuples et, l'afrique tout entier orpheline de son "HERO"

l'homme qui combatit le "mot" race qui était devenu synonime d'esclusion, et, séparation l'autre arme du colonialisme qu'un de ces pairs combatit en amont; "TOUSSAINT-LOUVERTURE, "arme" du colonialisme planetaire jusqua nos jours.

ROLINHAHLA-MANDELA - nait le 18/07/1918 de léthnie xhosa le meme qu'un autre grand le fameux guerrier SHAKA ZULU, cet homme le grand mandela, appartient a notre histoire "HAITI" et,à l'humanité ...

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

Our history has given chances to Aristide, Preval and now Martelly to be the "Mandela" of Haiti, unfortunately they all failed.


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Garry says...

Great model.

My man Michel will follow that same foot step and become a world statesman alike Mandela.

This should be a lesson for aristide.

He was give a prime opportunity then blew it with

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