Haiti Pet Care - Dogs in Haiti are eating discarded plastic bags

Last night I saw a Haitian dog in the streets with a piece of a plastic bag stuck in its rear end. So I decided to ask the dog owner how did that happen...
Pets in Haiti - Dog in Haiti

To my surprise, the owner told me this is what happened when the dog eats a plastic bag. it cannot digest the plastic bag so it come out the same way it went in.

Question: What to do when your animal eats that discarded plastic bag?

Animal care in Haiti is lacking. Most dogs are street dogs, they are not kept indoors. Combine that the fact that plastic bag are in every trash in Haiti --Haitian dogs love trash -- and you have a problem.

I grew up in the United States where pets like cats and dogs are kept indoors, away from plastic bags.
What fo you think about that?

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Sedec Andreus What you have seen as a supply for you is the object of my inner pain not only for pets but even for most of underprivileged children. RE: Haiti Pet Care - Dogs in Haiti are... see more
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