Haiti Online Education - Haiti Launches Its First Online Education Platform

Haiti Education Update -- The first online educational platform developed in Haiti, THESS (Technologie Hybride pour l'Education, la Science et le Savoir) has been launched... Now Haitian University students can learn online...

PHOTO: Haiti - Elev Lekol Piblik nou yo (Public School Students)

THESS is a platform that integrates multiple services: online education, university governance, educational management, collaborative tools (forum, chat)

Developed by the "École Supérieure d'Infotronique d'Haïti" (ESIH), the platform is open to all member universities of the Conference of Rectors and Presidents of Universities of Haiti (CORPUHA). Its objective is to increase youth employment capacity by facilitating access to university education. Read more from HaitiLibre.com.

THESS aims to facilitate access to higher education, on the whole territory, while ensuring the transparency of the process: online content (MOOCS), dynamic mentoring, evaluation system-face and centralized administration . Registered learners will receive a Surtab tablet connected to the Internet to enable them to work remotely independently.

Also read, in French, Présentation de THESS from the web site of the Ambassade de France à Port-au-Prince.

The official launch happened the first week of April 2016, Wednesday...

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