One Laptop Per Child in Haiti... Is That Possible?

You may have heard about the XO Laptop for Haitian School children or the One Laptop Per Child Program... We found a couple of videos with details...

I was dumbfounded once I took a minute to watch these videos and understand the concept behind this project and how beneficial it will be if used effectively in Haiti.

One Laptop per Child, a mission based on principles and child empowerment

Watch the video...

Give a rugged, low cost, low power connected laptop to a Haitian child... That's a good idea but...

Why give a laptop to a Haitian child who may have no electricity or even running water?

Get your answer by watching this video...

So... Give a laptop... Change the world... Hmmm...

Let me show you how the XO laptops are being used to educate the school children in Uganda. This will help you see the benefited of One Laptop Per Child in Haiti...

Watch the video...


How do you feel about the project now in terms of education in Haiti after watching these videos?

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Garry Destin says...

How can we all

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Clnmike says...

The question is should we want laptops for Haiti kids?

I believe technology is important for advancment of society is important but to much of a good thing can ruin you as well. I look at the effects of lap tops and texting has on American kids and it is sad. Their penmanship is poor, they cant spell cause everything has a spell check, they rely on abbreviations, writing has turned into copying and pasting, and the knowledge becomes disposable.

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Claudette says...

Let's go for it. Our children need to learn to get ready for today's

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Herman says...


But under condition that kreyol is always also provided as a teaching language.

Anglophones, Francophones, Hispanophones and the like are welcome help but never wholy free of linguistic imperialism.

So bilinguism, with kreyol ever as second is highly recommended.

For pedagogical reasons, and to preserve the liguistic unity of the

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