Haiti Observateur Reporter Prohibited From Writing About Laurent Lamothe

A Florida federal court judge has just ordered Haiti Observateur journalist Leo Joseph to Never... EVER... write about Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe... Ever again... Leo is not to write about Lamothe's professional, personal or political life.


But this is a democracy, a reporter can write what ever he wants... Right???


But this is a KALOT in the FIGI of la Presse... Isn't it???

Well... In Haitian terms, freedom of the press means you can write or say whatever you want about whomever you want even if it is not true, even if you have no tangible proof. Which is probably why the Haitian Prime Minister filed the lawsuit in Florida USA!

In Haiti, LA PRESSE has the bad habit of giving their microphone and airtime to any loudmouth with a mission EVEN if that mission is a personal vendetta against another citizen or the country itself for that matter.

"Wow... Woody you must be really happy about this... Wap souse yon zo?"

Au contraire mon frere... I do not hold any stock options in Haiti Observateur nor am I a personal friend of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe... However...

I really enjoy it when somebody uses THE LAW to tell somebody else to "Leave Me The **** Alone"

We the people, We need that in the Republic Mr. Prime Minister.

Congratulations but... huhhhhh....

Can we have some?

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Subject: Haiti Observateur Reporter Prohibited From Writing About Laurent Lamothe edit

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