How Tough Is It To Hold a Government Job in Haiti?

I was taking to a friend of mine today and he said that most of the people he knows working in government jobs in Haiti (administration publique) spend one hour of their day actually doing the job they are hired to do and the rest of the time playing politics just so they can keep their jobs.

Cockfight: Haiti's Senate Vs. the President

Do you believe this to be TRUE or FALSE?

"It's a tough job to be a Ministre in Haiti," the man says, "Mande bondye yon senater mande-w pou-w fe yon bagay ou pa fe-l, demin maten, tout la chanm lage nan bouda-w."

What is wrong with this picture?

I know what you're gonna say... M'ap voye monte sou Martelly... pa vre?

Au contraire... Even he is having trouble doing his job!

Adje mesye... Yo manke revoke misye wi! ou bliye?

Yo di-l se americain LOL...

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