Coming to Haiti, 980 armed police officers from Mexico

Have you heard? The MINUJUSTH, MINUSTAH's little brother, will consit of 980 fully armed police officers from Mexico, spread across seven bases throughout the Republic of Haiti.

Yep... Mexico will be participating in the new United Nations mission in Haiti, MINUJUSTH.

At a meeting of the UN Security Council, Mexico's alternate representative, Juan Sandoval, reported that Mexico will continue its participation in the so-called UN Mission in Support of Justice in Haiti (MINUJUSTH). Sandoval said that Mexico will support the MINUJUSTH with police personnel.

Fully armed mexicans police in Haiti?

What are they coming to do?

What do you think about that?

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Guy Laguerre says...

Mouin panse minista Te kite Haiti.


minista pa gin diferanse minm malpropte a. okipation an.toute sa rive la se Paske neg ki pran poz
Yap ede pep epi se poch yo yap okipe avek fanmi yo.epi Paske Haitian paka chita ansanm malgre nou gin diferans nan politik min nou chita pale ansanm.

se PA kraze brize sa Pap regle Anyin pou pep la epi peyi

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love.

Thanks InGodWeTrust.

I apprecialove your commentary.

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Ingodwetrust says...

What they HELL do they think that Haiti need to have light skinned foreigners on its soil to properly function?

Now more than ever, Mexico need their military to recoup after that devastating earthquake.

After Haitians got themselves together to get their independence in 1804, the entire oppressing world thought it was an international insult and vowed to screw Haiti by dividing and conquering Haiti; it has not stop since then.

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Andy Dorsainvil says...

Wow is a shame haiti still can't stand on they're own. Moise jn charles needs to know that he is not the only man who lives in Haiti.

He can't offer nothing for

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Kakadjab says...

I thought Minustha was a great success that has stabilized (demonrancy) in Haiti?

Now its justice or more injustice to the people.

qui vivra verra?

sa ka la ka

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F Etienne says...

I hope they will get rid of aristide and moise jean

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Alexa says...

That's what Haitians get for harassing a majority, legally elected president.

They will have an occupation as long as they act

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