Haiti Migration - Mexico wants to regularize all Haitians stranded in Tijuana

Haiti Immigration News -- Mexican authorities have decided to regularize thousands of Haitians in irregular situation stuck in the Mexican-USA border who were hoping to cross to the United States.

PHOTO - Haitian Passports

KREYOL: Mexique vle regularize tout Haitiens yo ki soti Brezil yo en route pou etazini ki kole nan fontiere Tijuana-Mexicali ki pa ka travese yo... Mexique vle bayo papye pou yo ka travay...

According to Haiti Ambassador to Mexico Guy Lamothe, Mexico is opening its arms and allow these Haitians to stay legally in Mexico.

The regularization operation has already started in Tijuana, the ambassador said. "On the side of the embassy, in concert with the Mexican authorities, Haitians are being sensitized to let them first understand that the American dream is moving away and that Mexico has decided to give them the opportunity so that they can live here [in Mexico]," explains the Haitian diplomat.

Some 4,000 Haitians from Brazil are stranded in the Tijuana-Mexicali border in Mexico failing to realize the American dream across the border.

The Haitian embassy in Mexico has launched operations and Haitian citizens have until 1 September to complete the formalities.

Don't rush to go to Mexico now if you are not already there, this measure only concerns Haitians who are already in Mexico and not those who intend to come in the future.

If you are stuck in Mexico in this situation and need more information, read this artice in French from Le Nouvelliste

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