FLASH: Haiti - Ex President Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky) to Appear in COURT in 3 Days OR Else...

The Artist Sweet Micky (ex-President Michel Martelly) has 3 days to in show up in COURT to apologize to journalists Liliane Pierre Paul and Jean Monard Metellus of he will face some serious consequences...

PHOTO: Haiti - Sweet Micky Dancing - Lilianne Pierre Paul, Jean Monard

This 'required-or-else apology' is for Sweet Micky's remarks during the Carnival of Les Cayes vis-à-vis the two journalists, Liliane Pierre Paul and Jean Monard Metellus.

According to news reports, a formal complaint filed by Jean Nazaire Thide demands a formal formal apology. Failing to do so could results of prosecution of the former superstar president of the Republic for indecent assault and Public indecency...

Sanctions could include 3 years in prison and the inability for Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly and his band to perform for up to 10 years.

Ohhh... He won't be able to hold public office for those 10 years neither, another source reported.

They are event talking about placing the Martelly in a psychiatric after the prison term...

What do you think about that?

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti - Ex President Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky) to Appear in COURT in 3 Days OR Else... edit

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