Haiti - Lemon Is A Hard To Find Commodity

Hinche, Haiti - I have been trying to get my hands on some fresh lemons for a homemade medicine...

Daily Haitian food shopping list - Groceries from the local marketplace

"Citron se pa bagay ou jwen fasil non nan epok sa yo," someone tells me. "fok se bone pou-w ale nan mache-a le moun andeyo yo fek rive nan mache. E memn si-w ta jwen citron, se ti citron mafweze wap jwenn..."

(You wont find lemon easily these days, you have to go early to the market place when the merchants from the countryside are arriving. even if you were to find lemon, they are not riped)

Oh yea???

Somebody else says: "Anhhh... Citron? Se Saint-Domingue wi bagay sa yo soti! Petet nan sezon lapli-a wap jwen bon citron."

(Lemon... these tihngs come from the Dominican Republic. maybe during the rainy season you may find some some good lemon.)

"Denye mwen te ale ashte citron," my cousin says, "Se 3 pou 25 goud wi pitit!!!"

(The last time I bought lemons, the price was 3 for 25 Haitian Gourdes)

Oh yea???

All I wanted was some lemon to mix with some honey for a homemade medicine... I guess I have to wait for the rainy season for that too... LOL...

Konye-a moun Haiti pa bwe citronade anko pitit... se yon keksyon de "Grand Mangeur"

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Harry Memnon says...

Il faut aller aux provinces mon

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Sarah Cadet says...

This is little but my grandma would make the tastiest meal with these products!
But wow, it really cost a lot to cook a meal

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