Haiti is Living Beyond its Means, Wilson Laleau says

Have you heard the News? Haiti is leaving way beyond its means, Haiti spends 35 percent MORE each year than it has... Wilson Laleau, Haiti's Minister of Economy and Finance, said this recently before businessmen meeting in the Economic Forum of the Haitian private sector...

Men Nouvel... Peyi d'Haiti ap vivi PI WO ke tèt li... An bon Kreyol, dada Haiti WON, l'ap PETE Kare!!! Haiti depanse 35 pousan plis ke li genyen... Se sa Wilson Laleau di... Kisa ou panse de sa

35 percent more??? That's a lot... That's like spending $350 dollars more for every thousand dollars that comes into your pocket.

Not only are you not saving money and creating wealth, you are more broke, more RAZEUR, each year...

Wilson Laleau said: "The means are not the size of the needs."

What do you think about that?

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