Haiti is a country of rebels

Haitians behave in an other country but their own. Send them anywhere and, in no time, they adapt. but in Haiti everyone is king and every king is at war with each other.

The Haitian Mentality, Jesus...
The Haitian Mentality, Jesus...

Where does that constant fighting and rebelish attitude come from?

One more thing... the KRAZE BRIZE...

What is it with us and the love for burning everything down when we are mad.

These days, even the police is in KRAZE BRIZE mode.

I was saying this to my cousin and he said if Haitians do not burn things down the authorities won't listen to them.

What's up with that?

Nobody knows that role in Haitian society. Nobody knows their limits.

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Yanick says...

The country needs to register every person in the country and make them accountable for their actions.

You burn down you go to jail and pay

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Mentalite Haitienne says...

Les Haïtiens se comportent dans un autre pays que le leur. Envoyez-les n'importe où et, en un rien de temps, ils s'adaptent.

mais en Haïti, tout le monde est roi et chaque roi est en guerre les uns contre les

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